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Our decorators will help you decide on the right window covering solutions, like blinds, draperies, shutters, automation, for your home!
Whether you want to add a pop of color with designer drapery, filter the right amount of light, motorized blinds for the most effective use of your room, our decorators can help you design the perfect window treatment for any space.





Our Promise To You

Always Get It Done Right No Matter What It Takes! We Always Keep Working Until The Job Is Done Right!

We have been in business since 1990 with a showroom inside Bill Knight Flooring since 1996.  We celebrated our 30th Anniversary in 2020.  We are so proud of this milestone and we couldn't have done it without our customers.  Thank you!

Our advice is to ensure that you are working with a reputable & honest company with a showroom, team and wide range of products before making a deposit!  If the company you are working with does not have a showroom, then you won't know if they will be around in 6 weeks.  It's important to see the blinds, shades, automated blinds, draperies, etc. that you are buying in the showroom.

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6 Solutions Your Window Coverings
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Our Products

Full-Service Residential Window Coverings

Wide range of products from multiple manufacturers.

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Motorized window treatments can be controlled with a home automation system, voice activated, remote control, tablet, or hard wired.


Hardwood Shutters

Classic Heritance® hardwood shutters are plantation-style shutters crafted from real wood & use dovetail construction for maximum strength and durability. 


Grommetted Drapes 

With literally thousands of fabrics to
choose from, Grommet Drapes (Curtains) can be customized to fit any
décor or taste.


Privacy Sheers 

If you want the look of sheers with the privacy that you get with blinds, then you should take a look at privacy sheers. Privacy sheers combine blinds & drapes.


Pleated Shades

Soft, simple, yet modern, these are a popular choice for window shapes & spaces of all kinds. It’s a one layer fabric allowing for less stacking with taller windows.


Wood Blinds

Rich, authentic hardwood slats complement any room. Fashioned to create an inviting home, wood blinds are available in a large selection of slat sizes, stylish colors & paint.


Roller Shades 

Roller shades are a simple and easy to use design, providing almost unlimited options. With over 250 patterns, colors, & designs we can custom build to meet your needs.


Luminette Shades 

Beauty, elegance & total sun control—for even the largest of windows. With the right choice of materials, you can easily transform harsh sunlight into a warm light.


Cellular Shades 

Cellular shades or honeycomb shades offer beauty and style for just about any window. They can prevent heat gain in the summer months & heat loss during the winter.


Poly-Satin Shutters 

Our Palm Beach™ polysatin shutters are plantation-style shutters made with UV resistant compound... guaranteed never to warp, crack, fade, chip, peel or discolour.


Aluminum Blinds 

Looks great, lasts longer, and are light weight.  Aluminum blinds are the perfect choice for larger windows. They come in either corded or cordless variety.


Panel Track 

Designed for large windows, these broad panels are a statement all on their own. Beyond being beautiful, this window treatment doubles as a room divider.


Pirouette Shades 

The unique design of our Priouette® shades draws the natural light into a room, diffusing harsh light & spreading it throughout for a soft and even light. 


Woven Wood Blinds 

In terms of beauty and aesthetics, you really can’t beat real wood. They come in a couple of different sized slats – 2 inch and 2.5-inch slats. 


Composite Shutters 

The value-priced NewStyle™ hybrid shutters are plantation-style shutters that blend the beauty of real wood & advanced modern materials for a stunning shutter.


Vignette Shades 

With the right choice of materials, it creates an extra layer of insulation by trapping air in the shades. This keep your home warmer in winter & cooler in summer. 


Silhouette Shades 

Exclusive Silhouette Shades offer the best of both worlds— soft light diffusion & total privacy when needed. They are like 2 shades in 1.


Faux Wood Blinds 

Enjoy the rich appearance of hardwood. Faux wood blinds resist fading, yellowing, warping & bowing—making these blinds a dream option for bathrooms & sun rooms.


What Our Customer Had To Say... 

"Incredible design and installation service. Very friendly and customer service oriented. I was impressed start to finish and the pricing was outstanding. Thank you Blind Ambitions"
~ Coach Kovacs ~

To see our wide range of blinds and draperies, you can come down to our showroom at 895 Century Street, Winnipeg, MB (in Bill Knight Flooring).

Learn How To Find The Right Cellular Shades For Your Needs.
Get Advice From Our Experienced Team. 

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Our Commercial Products

For All Your Commercial, Office, Theater & Healthcare Needs

We offer a wide range of products & services to meet any style requirement!

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Roller Shades 

If You Need Total Privacy, Total Light Control, & Exceptional Beauty In Your Offices… At An Affordable Price—Get Roller Shades.


Stage Drapes 

When It Comes To Stage Curtains & Theatrical Drapery… You Simply Can’t Afford To Go With An Amateur. We Have 20 Years Experience In This Area!


Cubicle Tracks & Drapes 

We Offer One Of The Best Selections Of Drapery And Cubicle Track Systems, Blinds & Cubicle Curtains In Canada. Get The Right Room Dividing Privacy!

Our Current Satisfied Healthcare Customers 
Blind Ambitions will work with you to design the blinds & draperies that suit all of your healthcare needs!

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Service Experience: 

You Don’t Need A Jack-Of-All-Trades Amateur… 

You Need A Window Treatment EXPERT.

When it comes to your home and your windows, you don’t need a jack-of-all-trades amateur. The fact of the matter is that many companies do window treatments as an ancillary service. It is NOT their main business. In fact, many stores just use third party vendors. And this is a recipe for disaster. Walk into any “Big-Box” home improvement store and you’ll find out pretty quickly that your choice in window treatments is mind boggling. In fact, in one name brand-big box retailer we found over 1,100 different products… over 780 in horizontal window blinds alone. It’s overwhelming… not to mention stressful.

That’s why you need an EXPERT. Someone who is going to educate you and help you make the “right” decision…not someone who is simply going to try and sell you on a product.

A Common Myth About Window Coverings:

“Window treatments can be bought off the shelf and fit any window.”

Window treatments that you buy “off-the-shelf” are usually mass-produced to a
pre-set “standard” size. They are an attempt to be a “one-size-fits-all” solution. These mass-produced window treatments don't meet the exacting needs of today’s homes.
When you buy an “off-the-shelf” window treatment, you are, trying to put a square peg into a round hole.
No two homes are built exactly alike, window frames are notoriously built to “loose” standards. The reasons are many, but the end result is the same… window frames are never “exact.” Couple imprecise window frames with mass-produced window treatments & you can start to see how problems are going to happen. Unfortunately, the “standard sizes” used by homebuilders in the past are almost certainly not the “standard sizes” used today.
In almost every instance, the solution has always been to install a custom measured and custom-built window treatment.

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Custom Made, Custom Measured & Installed to Perfection

Contrary to popular belief, you just can’t buy window treatments (like blinds, shades, valances, etc.) off a shelf. Ask yourself this question: what EXACTLY are you getting when you buy a product “off the shelf?”

Window treatments, (like window blinds, shades, etc.) that you buy “off-the-shelf” are usually mass-produced to a pre-set “standard” size. They are—by design—an attempt to be a “one-size-fits-all” solution. These mass-produced window treatments do not and will not meet the exacting needs of today’s homes and homeowners.

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The Most Reliable, Trustworthy Window Covering Team in Winnipeg, MB

We’re proud to have been trusted as the experts to provide window treatments to homes of Winnipeg and surrounding communities for 30 years. We’ve installed wood blinds, aluminum blinds, cellular/honeycomb shades, silhouette shades, hardwood shutters, privacy sheers, pleated drapes, motorized blinds, draperies, and more. We recognize that both your family and your home have unique needs.

That’s why we’ll help you design the window coverings that meets your needs, decor and budget. 

Our team of expert window covering professionals are well-trained, honest & will work until they get it right for you! We’ll always treat your house like the valuable investment that it is.  Call us at 204-982-4880 for a FREE design consultation. We’re looking forward to helping you get the right window coverings to meet your commercial or residential needs! 


Meet Our Awesome Team

Experienced & Trusted Window Covering Professionals 


Residential Decorator

Dana has worked in the design industry for over a decade & has experience with many types of window coverings and other areas of design. She is professional, friendly, outgoing and knowledgeable and would love to help you with your next project. 


Residential Decorator 
Darcy has been in the custom window covering industry for almost two decades.  She prides herself on her attention to detail and is not afraid of colour. But be aware, if you have pets, anticipate her staying a little longer in your home to get to know them also!


Commercial Sales

Chris is our commercial sales consultant. If your staff and customers are complaining about the sun’s glare, Chris can provide you with a solution. Have a large project that requires window coverings? Send Chris your specifications. Chris brings years of experience to our commercial sales desk and can help you select the right window covering solution for your business.


Office Manager

 Sandy is our Office Manager who takes care of the administration at Blind Ambitions. She has 18 years experience in retail, blind sales and management. Her passion is decorating and renovations.  If you would like to set up an appointment with one of our designers or have questions on you order, Sandy is here to help you!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why faux wood blinds? 

The main factor for synthetic wood blinds becoming so popular is that homeowners like the appearance of blinds on their windows and the faux wood blinds are more affordable. Faux wood blinds can cost 30% less than wood blinds.

Custom made synthetic wood blinds are not pricey either, so you can dress your windows in an ideal way without sustaining additional costs. They are available in mini blinds or vertical blinds and you can likewise get these in motorized versions on larger windows.

Of course, when you order faux wood blinds from Blind Ambitions we have a highly trained installer on staff to install your blinds for you.

Are custom window coverings more expensive?  

No one beats our prices…Period. In fact, if you find a better price, we will match it. But more than that, you are going to get better service and better peace of mind. We can get your window treatments installed in about half the time that it takes our competitors. And we only require a 50% deposit… not payment in full and upfront. You only pay us the remaining balance when you are 100% satisfied. Who are you going to trust?

Why is COR certified important? 

It demonstrates that they are completely trained in all safety measures related to window coverings as well as the construction industry!
Blind Ambitions is COR certified - our certification number is 90011-15.


No One Can Beat Our Prices Or Our Service

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