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Originally Posted November 7th, 2016

You can go to a super center or department store and buy curtains that you think will fit your windows, but you might find that your measurements aren’t exact, no matter how careful you were when you took them. What about privacy? If the home curtains in Winnipeg, MB that you purchased don’t fit right, people may still be able to see inside your home, which is a scary thought late at night. Your best bet is custom-made curtains.

If you work with an expert who has years of experience with window treatments, you’re sure to work with someone who knows how to measure your windows exactly for the best fit. This person also knows which materials work best for home curtains in Winnipeg, MB, where the weather can take its toll. For example, you’ll regret buying those light and airy drapes when the wind chill hits minus-40 degrees Celsius in the winter and your heating bill rises.

Custom-made draperies are also much higher quality. Those you purchase in the store are generally put together on an assembly line. Consider who made the curtains as well. Were they overseas laborers toiling in a sweatshop to manufacture your home curtains in Winnipeg, MB? You don’t want to support that. Rather, purchase drapes handmade by someone who treats their employees well, as this shows in the final product.

Finally, purchasing your drapery this way allows you to go to the showroom and discuss your needs. You will be able to pick out exactly what you want after some guidance on what will work best in your home. Once you’ve paid a deposit, your draperies will be handmade, which may take a little time but will be well worth it. Once they’re ready, your home curtains in Winnipeg, MB will be installed by trained workers and backed by insurance to protect you against any damages.

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