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What Are The Various Sort of Blinds and Shades

Shades and blinds are window coverings commonly used for privacy inside your home or office and protecting the interior from the damaging effects of direct sunlight.

Horizontal blinds made from vinyl, metal, wood and wood composites consisting of numerous flat horizontal slats linked to a string which have 170 degrees rotation for blocking the light or it can be brought up to clear the window. The blind rotation depends on the connector being attached to a pulling cable or string, so the lowering and raising are done by pulling different strings.

Venetian blinds are slatted blinds having either a plastic or metal composition. Also available are slats made of wood relating to wood or bamboo blinds. The slat width ranges from 50 to 120mm but the most typical width is 50mm.

Mini-blinds are Venetian blinds having narrower width slats varying from 19 to 24mm.

Vertical blinds have slats made from plastic, metal or stiffened material hanging from a track on one end. The horizontal slats have a 90 degrees rotation for allowing light to pass through or can be folded up to either side of the window or doors. They likewise can be called track blinds.

Solid blinds can be folded or rolled up but can not be entirely opened so that light can travel through. These types of blinds are popularly called window shades. These blinds include:

Holland blinds also called roller shades can be taken down to roll the window blinds.

-Wood blinds that are woven have actually slats made from decorative bamboo, wood or other woven natural product with a coloured yarn, basic string or other product having designs nearly comparable to a solid blind. These blinds roll up or fold for light adjustments. Woven wood blinds are cost-effective shutter options, energy efficient and have a higher control over lights.

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Pleated shades are made of a material with pleated shades being brought up so that it could flatly sit on the window’s leading corner.

Honeycomb shades resemble pleated shades, the only distinction being the other layers being sewn on the pleats forming a compartment trapping the air for insulation purposes. Look for more cell counts if you want greater insulation and energy efficiency.

Roman shades are made from woven wood or material. It has outstanding insulation and easier operation.

Blinds and shades vary in kinds, so choose what suits your needs best.

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