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Originally Posted February 11th, 2017

Whether you are decorating your home for the first time or giving it a much-needed facelift, be careful not to overlook your window coverings. Window blind companies in Winnipeg, MB, have the hottest window treatments available. Here are the top four hottest trends in window coverings today.

4. Colors Galore

The era of beige curtains is gone. Modern homeowners are choosing bright colors for their window treatments. If you want to accent a window or brighten a room, add blinds with a bold color. For even more effect, consider a large floral or geometric pattern. Your guests’ eyes will naturally track toward your windows. By making a big, colorful statement with your window coverings, you can make an even more dramatic impression.

3. Sturdy Coverings

Today’s homeowners prefer plantation shutters and sturdy blinds to the flimsy coverings of the past. These treatments offer a more luxurious look and tend to hold up better than their predecessors. Window blind companies in Winnipeg, MB, have a wide selection of sturdy coverings to give a lavish look to any room.

2. Organic Materials

Modern designers recognize the need to be friendly to the planet while delivering a powerful design aesthetic. Because of this, an increasing number are turning to renewable materials for conservationist coverings. If you are environmentally aware, consider installing blinds made from bamboo or hemp curtains.

1. Alternative Blinds

For homeowners who want to increase privacy while letting in more natural light, installing blinds that function differently is an excellent choice. Reverse blinds work the opposite way of traditional blinds. Instead of rolling down, these coverings roll upward. By relocating the exposed window space to the top of the pane, homeowners get the privacy they want without sacrificing light.

If you are shopping coverings at window blind companies in Winnipeg, MB, you are probably looking for the most stylish, innovative designs possible. By following these four trends, you can get the right window coverings for your room.

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