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Originally Posted March 10th, 2017

For the average homeowner, window shutters might not really seem like a big deal. In most areas, they’re typically just seen as a cosmetic addition to the modern home, a callback to the days of more classical decoration. However, in the chilly northern climates, window shutters in Winnipeg, MB, actually play a considerable role in your home’s efficiency and comfort as well as its style. Therefore, choosing the right material for your shutters is imperative. Understanding some of the pros and cons of the most common shutter materials can help make this task easier.

Hardwood Shutters

Hardwood window shutters in Winnipeg, MB, can be used to provide any interior or exterior space with a warm, natural theme that’s different from your average shutter experience. These shutters can be found in a wide variety of different stains or colors, which helps you to customize your space, and are typically among the less expensive options. However, like most wooden exterior additions to your home, they’ll require considerable maintenance to keep them functional and beautiful.

Composite Shutters

Composite shutters embrace everything homeowners love about real wood and offer the same experience in a non-wooden package. These, like wooden windows, are available in many, many different stains and paint colors and protect from a huge amount of harmful UV rays. However, these are also fire resistant, and require a small fraction of the maintenance that wood shutters require.

Poly Satin Shutters

Poly satin shutters are perhaps the most well-known newcomer on the shutter market. The unique composition of these shutters not only gives them the UV protection and easy customization of wood and composite shutters, but prevents them from ever warping, cracking or experiencing similar damage over the years. They may be more expensive initially, but are extremely durable.

Each of these types of window shutters in Winnipeg, MB, has its own benefits and drawbacks, each of which you should consider closely if you want to find the absolute best shutters for your home. Consulting the professionals can help you narrow down the field as well.

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