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Residential Services

Residential Services

Vertical Blinds, Horizontal Blinds, Shutters, Shades…Wood, Aluminum, Fabric… Your Choices Seem Endless.

Let Us Help You Find That PERFECT Window Treatment For Your Home.

Walk into any “Big-Box” home improvement store and you’ll find out pretty quickly that your choice in window treatments is almost limitless. In fact, it can be overwhelming… not to mention stressful. The worst part, half the time you can’t find anybody to answer your questions and in many cases you may know more about the products than they do.

At Blind Ambitions, we go out of our way to make sure you are getting the RIGHT product for your specific needs. In fact, we even have an in house decorator to help you with the aesthetics. In short, we make the process as easy and stress-free as possible.

To start things off, you need to ask three basic questions:

  • Are my blinds, shades, shutters and/or draperies going to be beautiful?
  • Are my blinds, shades, shutters and/or draperies going to be durable, safe and secure?
  • Are my blinds, shades, shutters and/or draperies going to be energy efficient?

At Blind Ambitions We Guarantee You A Definitive YES.

Are they going to be beautiful? At Blind Ambitions, we will go out of our way to make sure that your new window treatments match your personal style—we offer everything from blinds to shutters to draperies. Not only that, but we are one of the only window treatment companies in Winnipeg that has it’s own in house on staff interior decorator.

To get started just click on the image below to go the product that interests you the most.

Are they going to be durable, safe and secure? At Blind Ambitions, your window treatments are custom measured and custom built to exacting standards. Also, many of our products use proprietary technology and materials. This ensures that your window treatments will be exceptionally durable and will withstand the stresses of everyday use. All of our blinds, shades, and shutters have enhanced security features—like cordless operations and superior locking systems.

Are they going to be energy efficient? Absolutely. Many people don’t know this, but a custom measured and custom built window treatment can be just as effective at reducing energy leak as installing a double-paned window with argon filled glass. But of course, the amount of energy efficiency you can realize with be based on product selection.

To get the answers to all your questions and to see EXACTLY what your new window treatments can look like, give us a call today.

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Attractive and durable, faux wood blinds are less expensive than wood blinds, easy to clean and maintain, and available in many varieties and colors.


Contemporary, Fashionable…BEAUTIFUL.
Today’s Modern Blinds Can Be Customized To Fit Any Décor


Window Shades Offer Beauty, Elegance And Decor
It’s Nice To Know That You Have Options.


Window Shutters Offer Unparalleled Beauty & Elegance…
They’re Perfect For Any Home.


12 Different Styles And 1,000+ Fabrics To Choose From— 
Window Drapes Offer Unparalleled Style & Elegance.

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