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Sure, You Can Buy Blinds And Drapes At A Big-Box Retailer… But Why Would You Want To? Their Prices Aren’t That Great, Their Quality Is Questionable, And Their Customer Service Is Non-Existent. At Blind Ambitions You Are Always Treated Like Family. No Run-A-Rounds, No Games, No Gimmicks.


Contemporary, Fashionable…BEAUTIFUL. Today’s Modern Blinds Can Be Customized To Fit Any Décor.


Window Shades Offer Beauty, Elegance And Decor. It’s Nice To Know That You Have Options.


Window Shutters Offer Unparalleled Beauty & Elegance… They’re Perfect For Any Home.


12 Different Styles And 1,000+ Fabrics To Choose From—Window Drapes Offer Unparalleled Style & Elegance.

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Jon Siddall

Hi, I’m Jon Siddall, the President of Blind Ambitions and I am going to come right out and say it—we’re not the cheapest, but that doesn’t mean you should shop anywhere else. Let me explain—At those other companies, window treatments are not their principal business; it’s just part of their business. At Blind Ambitions—all we do are window treatments. We are   EXPERTS, not jack-of-all-trade amateurs. Time and time again I have seen people buy on price alone—not realizing that the pennies they think they are saving today are going to cost them a fortune in time, aggravation and money in the future. How do I know this to be true? Because customer satisfaction is getting worse. In fact, according to one report, it’s abysmal. Over 67% of all homeowners polled are either “very upset or extremely upset” about their buying experience. Worse yet, over 56% of all people surveyed said that they never received a solution to their problem. If you have ever tried to get a big-box retailer to honour a warranty you know this to be true. The retailer tells you to call the manufacturer, the manufacturer tells you to call the installer and the installer tells you to call the retailer—it’s an infuriating cycle of madness. We categorically refuse to do business this way—you deserve better. At Blind Ambitions, we are EXPERTS dedicated to providing the absolute best quality blinds and drapes on the market today and    the absolute best value for your money. Our blinds and drapes are all custom made—not a cheap assembly line product from who knows where.
  • At Blind Ambitions we custom measure, order, build and install your blinds in about 3 weeks—compared to over 6 weeks with other retailers.
  • At Blind Ambitions, we only need a 50% deposit to get started—other retailers require you to pay in full at time of purchase.
  • At Blind Ambitions, our installers are direct employees of the company who are highly trained, background checked and covered by $5 million in liability insurance.
  • At Blind Ambitions, good enough is never good enough—it has to be perfect.
And most importantly, if there is ever a problem you call me…the President of the company. You don’t get the run around—you get your problem solved… PERIOD. We work harder than anyone to make sure our clients are 100% happy. At Blind Ambitions – even if it costs me money – I want you to remember us as the company that   GOT IT EXACTLY RIGHT. Bottom Line: At the end of the day—no matter who you hire—you are going to have to live with that decision. You will see your windows almost every single day. Every time you look at your windows, do you want to be reminded of the company that got it almost right or do you want to be reminded of the company that got it   EXACTLY  right?

What To Expect When You Hire The Best


No Sales Pressure

We’re here to help and advise—NO HIGH-PRESSURE SALES. You’ll always feel comfortable & respected.

Highly Skilled EXPERTS

Trained, Qualified, And Background Checked. They’ll be on time, courteous, and pleasant to have in your home—and they’re covered with $5 million in liability Insurance.

Best Value For Your Money

There are cheaper products on the market—but cheaper does not mean better. Beware those low prices. The pennies you think you are saving today will cost you a fortune tomorrow.

100% Customer Satisfaction

If there is ever a mistake you don’t call an answering service, a “customer service department” or a faceless number, you call me—the owner and president.
At Blind Ambitions, You Get The Absolute Best VALUE For Your Money—Cheaper Prices Usually Means Cheaper Quality.  At Blind Ambitions You Know Exactly Who Is Showing Up To Install Your Window Treatments—AN EXPERT.

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