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How Do I Clean My Window Treatments?

That is a great question. All of our window treatments/window fashions are unique and custom built to your exact needs. As such, it’s difficult to say—exactly—how to clean your new window treatment without knowing exactly what you purchased.

For example, most of our blinds, shades, and shutters can easily be cleaned with light vacuuming, using the brush attachment… however, you do not want to vacuum our privacy sheers.

While it is safe to assume that a regular light dusting of your window treatments is best and will help to keep a like-new appearance, it is best to call us and let us discuss your particular needs.

What Do I Need To Consider Before I Buy Any Type Of Window Treatment?

Again, this is a great question but it is a difficult one to answer. We have an “on-staff” decorating coordinator who is here to help you answer all of your questions. But in lieu of that, here are a few suggestions:

  • When buying a window treatment/window fashion aesthetics should always be a consideration. Do you want a modern look or a more traditional look? How is that look going to blend with the existing look of your home/room?
  • The type of fabric and/or material you choose will have a profound effect on every aspect of your window treatment so it’s important to choose wisely.
  • What are your main concerns? Is it privacy or is it to control lighting? Do you have too much harsh light filtering into a room or are you worried that passing cars can look into your home?
  • Are you concerned about energy savings? Again, different materials can have a profound effect.
  • Are you concerned about ease of operation? Do you want system automation?
  • Will there be young children or toddlers with access to the room?

As you can see, choosing a window treatment/window fashion is not as easy as people would have you believe. There is a lot that goes into choosing the perfect product for your home.

Don’t settle for untrained or unqualified advice… call us and speak to a professional interior decorator who would love to answer all of your questions—or even set up a  FREE  in-home consultation.

What Do You Mean By "Energy Savings?"

In short, “energy savings” or “energy efficiency” deal directly with our products ability to help conserve energy—in the form of heating and cooling—inside your home.

Now, just like with any product, how well a particular item saves energy depends on two critical properties:

  • Its insulative properties, or how well it can insulate a room’s interior from extreme exterior temperatures.
  • Its solar heat gain coefficient, or how well it can control the flow of heat generated by the sun (usually in radiant form.)

And in the case of window treatments particularly, you need to consider their ability to provide optimal lighting. Optimal lighting from natural sources decreases the need for artificial lighting within the home.

When all three are taken into consideration and you custom-build a window shade for this exact purpose, your results can be pretty impressive.

For example, our honeycomb-designed shades actually trap pockets of air within the shade itself and can reduce your heating and cooling costs by as much as 25%.

In fact, the “R-Value” for our 3/8 inch cellular honeycomb shade is rated at 4. That is the equivalent of a new dual pane argon gas filled window. The good news… our shades are a fraction of the cost and can easily supplement and add to your current windows capabilities.

What Do You Mean By "UV Protection?"

“UV” is an abbreviation for ultraviolet… or ultraviolet light. So why should you care about “UV”? Ultraviolet light comes from the sun, filters through your windows and causes damage to your furnishings and floors. In short, the same thing that causes you to have sunburn is the same thing that causes damage to your furniture and floors. The most obvious signs of UV damage is colour fade.

The most important thing that you want to know is how much of the UV does your particular blind or shade block. This number is usually expressed as a percentage. Typically for our non-sheer products, this is 98% to 99% blockage. Even our sheer products, like our exclusive Silhouette Window Shadings, block up to 88% of UV rays—even with the vanes open.

Again, this goes back to the second question above… what are your major concerns and reasons for wanting to buy a window treatment/fashion?

So What, EXACTLY, Makes You So Different Than Everyone Else Selling Blinds?"

We know that you have choices when it comes to buying your window blinds and shades. So we think it’s important to distinguish ourselves and explain why you shouldn’t buy your window treatments from anyone else.

In three simple words: quality, competency, and customer service.

First is Quality: all of our products are custom measured and custom built to your exact specifications. Unfortunately, many “big box” retailers like to confuse the customer by calling “cut downs” a “custom” blind. Nothing could be further from the truth.

What normally happens is that your “big-box” retailer, and even some specialty shops, simply take an “off-the-shelf” prebuilt product and then simply “cut it down” to the measurements you brought in. Unfortunately, very few of them will bother to take off the extra slats at the bottom. The end result is a blind that looks like it was forced to fit with excess slats or fabric hanging at the bottom. Simply stated these “cut-downs” look as “cheap” as the price you paid for them.

Bottom Line: Don’t be fooled by cheaper prices… you get “EXACTLY” what you pay for.

Second is competency: Many companies ask you to do the measuring because it saves them on labour costs. But do you know how? Do you know how to measure the width of a window or the fact that you should take the measurement at three different locations on the window? Or, what about adjusting for cutbacks for an inside mounting window treatment?

What about application? In almost every instance that we’ve been called in—homeowners spent their hard earned money on “cheaper” blinds (or shades) only to find out they don’t work the way they thought they would.

For example, every inside mounted product is going to let a little light in along the sides. If you want total blackout you should consider an outside mount or a pairing with a fabric panel to eliminate such light gaps. What about if you have an extra wide window or sliding glass doors? Should you get one over-large single element or should you get two separate elements but one single headrail?

Bottom Line: Don’t be fooled… you need an EXPERT to help you make sure you get EXACTLY what you need.

Lastly, is customer service. Have you ever tried getting help at one of those “big box” retailers? You call and are put on hold for what seems like an eternity. Or you go to the store, having to wait for someone to come help you only to realize that often times you know more than they do. And good luck if you have a problem after your purchase. The store tells you to call the installer, the installer tells you to call the manufacturer, and the manufacturer tells you to call the store… it’s an infuriating cycle of madness.

What about other companies that claim to be window blind and shade companies? Well, in our experience, many of them just do window treatments and blinds as an ancillary to their main business. Do you really want to trust a “jack-of-all” trades company that does window treatments as an ancillary product… or do you want to deal with an expert? At Blind Ambitions, all we do is window treatments

Bottom Line: Don’t be fooled… when you have a problem, you want answers, NOT a run-a-round.

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