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Perfect For Large Windows

Aluminum Blinds

Looks Great, Lasts Longer, And Are Light Weight.

Aluminum Blinds Are The Perfect Choice For Larger Windows.

Aluminum blinds can be made in a variety of thicknesses (gauges). Because of this ability, aluminum blinds are much lighter than many of the faux wood and heavier vinyl blinds on the market. Because they are so lightweight, aluminum blinds are perfect for large windows and especially large patio doors.

But aluminum blinds also work great in any room in the house. They come in either corded or cordless variety. Due to their lightweight design, they can easily be raised and lowered. Also, given their sleek design and construction, they tuck away in less space than other blinds. This allows more light to enter the room when the blinds are raised.

One thing you should keep in mind before ordering aluminum blinds is there are light gaps at the edges and between each slat. So if you need a dark room, aluminum blinds may not be your best choice. However, these shortcomings can easily be overcome by choosing blinds that cover up the cord holes, have wider louvres or slats for more overlay, and by mounting the blinds outside the window to cover up the edges. These features have been designed into our exclusive de-Light™ series of blinds.

For the safety of your children and pets, we do recommend cordless controls which are available with all blind orders from Blind Ambitions. Cord cleats to anchor the cord to the wall are also available to make these blinds safe.

The advantages of our aluminum blinds – Our ½” and 1″ Lightlines® aluminum blinds come in the widest range of colours and finishes and offer maximum light control and privacy with the de-Light™  routless feature.

  • Made with exclusive, spring-tempered alloys that allow the aluminum slats to literally “bounce-back” to their original shape. This allows our blinds to handle rough treatment that would bend or break cheaper blinds.
  • Our exclusive dust free finish actually repels dust and makes cleaning a snap.
  • Out blinds protect you and your valuables from the sun with over 75% protection from harmful UV rays.

To learn more about our horizontal aluminum blinds, please call Blind Ambitions at (204) 982-4880.

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