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When You Have A Problem… Who Are You Going To Call?

Have you ever had to call one of those big box retailers for a customer service issue? It’s maddening. You call the store; the store tells you to call the vendor. The vendor tells you to call the installer, and the installer tells you to call the manufacturer. Only to be told by the manufacturer to call the store. It’s an infuriating cycle of madness.

Here at Blind Ambitions, if there is ever a problem, you don’t call a 1-800 customer service line to only God knows where. You don’t call a vendor, you don’t call the installer…you call me, the owner, Jon Siddall. And you will get your problem solved…PERIOD.

Because at Blind Ambitions, every time you walk by your windows, we don’t want to be remembered as the company that got it “almost” right. We want to be remembered as the company that got it “exactly” right.

And to prove to you how serious I am, here is my number… call me: 204-982-4880.

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